Sunday, January 1, 2017

Comparison of BRiHT-360 Reflectors and Grids

Happy New Year!

We had a chance to do a quick comparison of some reflectors for SMDV BRiHT-360 and grids.  Here's what we saw.

Items tested:
  • BR-120 Standard Reflector (This is the reflector that is included with BRiHT-360.)
  • BR-170 Tele Reflector (Optional purchase.)
  • BR-40 Snoot
  • 10, 20, 40, and 60 degree grids for BR-170.

Set Up:
  • BRiHT-360 placed 8 ft. away from the white background.
  • White background width is 9 ft.
  • I believe the BRiHt-360 power setting was at 1/64.

First, thing we noticed is that BR-170 concentrates light so that the brightness at the center is about twice as bright.  Light meter reading with BR-120 was f/2.8 and with BR-170 was f/4.0.

Here are the pictures.

1.  BR-120 standard reflector.

2.  BR-170 tele reflector without a grid

3.  BR-170 + 60 Deg. Grid

4.  BR-170 + 40 Deg. Grid

5.  BR-170 + 20 Deg. Grid

6.  BR-170 + 10 Deg. Grid

7.  BR-40 Snoot (Snoot has a grid).  We tried this just to see how it compares.  Light spread appears to be about the same as BR-170 with 20 deg. grid, but at about half the efficiency.